Dick Jacke

A Death in the East Shore Family
“When sorrow comes, let us accept it simply, as a part of life. Let the heart be open to pain; let it be stretched by it. All the evidence we have says that this is the better way. An open heart never grows bitter. Or if it does, it cannot remain so. In the desolate hour there is an outcry, a clenching of the hands upon emptiness, a burning pain of bereavement, a weary ache of loss. But anguish, like ecstasy, is not forever. There comes a gentleness, a returning quietness, a restoring stillness. This, too, is a door to life. Here, also, is a deepening of meaning-and it can lead to dedication, a going forward to the triumph of the soul, the conquering of the wilderness. In the process will come a deepening inward knowledge that, in the final reckoning, all is well.”    – A. Powell Davies
Dear East Shore Members and Friends,
I am writing to share the death of East Shore member Dick Jacke.
Dick died unexpectedly on Saturday, July 28, 2018. He has been a member of East Shore since 1981. In his tenure at East Shore he served as Board President as well as a very active participant in the social justice activities. He served as an office volunteer, and throughout his 37 years at East Shore participated in a number of committees.
He also served on the UUA Board of Trustees. You can read their tribute here. Dick also work with many social justice groups on the eastside including Eastside Interfaith Social Concerns Council, Meaningful Movies on the Eastside, Faith Action Network, and Fostering Interfaith Relationships on the Eastside.
Details of a memorial service will be released when they become available.
Our sympathy and love are with his wife, Linda, his son, Ted, and other family and friends.
Grace and Peace,
Nicole Duff
Membership Development Manager
East Shore Unitarian Church
Nicole Duff, Membership Development Manager | East Shore Unitarian Church | esuc.org

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